November 3, 2012


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Giving up on Face Book ?

I am pretty close to giving up on doing the FaceBook version of the newsletter. Face Book is a fine medium for expressing simple thoughts and posting pictures, but it has its own restrictive rules about how things can be put on it, and it does not play well with other media.

Rather than simplifying my life, it has added considerable to the time required to make the newsletter available to those who want to see it outside of the Face Book format, but it does help keep me informed about what is going on with other people. So, for now, at least, I will use this newsletter format, and supplement it with things which show up on my Face Book page that might be of interest to family members in general.

Birthdays this week

Birthday cakeThere are a lot of birthdays of family members this week, but not next week.

Jim Hardison - today, Sunday, October 28

Timothy Creighton, Dean's son, Tuesday, October 30

Jay Burrell Wednesday, son of Marge (Wachdorf) Burrell, October 31

Marilyn (Wachdorf) Rockwell, Daugther of Frank Wachdorf

Elizabeth Nicole Fasullo, daughter of Laurie (Van Beek) and Frank Fasullo

Kathleen Hardison, Thursday, November 1

Barbara (Wachdorf) Brown, Saturday, November 3

AnnaA big fat Happy Birthday to all of you!

Birthdays next Week

AHappy Anniversarynna Hardison, Thursday, November 7. Is it possible that Anna is 20 years old, already?



Stacy (Wachdorf) and Scott LaRonge on Wednesday, October 31.



John Rockwell Post











Monday, October 29, 2012

Dottie Does Desperate Housewives

Dottie golfs regularly on Monday and Wednesday with ladies golfing groups. The Monday ladies are called "Desperate Housewives" for no apparent reason. Dottie enjoys playing with them, and tries not to miss a match. The only drawback is that they start very early in the morning, requiring an alarm clock to awaken us before there is any hint of daylight approaching. This changes next week when we set our clocks back an hour.

Time Problems

Both Dottie and I play golf down here with groups that start way too early in the morning.Clock

Which calls attention to the fact that Daylight Savings Time is supposed to end on Sunday night, March 4 at 2:00 AM. We set our clocks back to 3:00 AM and go back to bed for an extra hour of sleep. However, Dottie and I are leaving for Tel Aviv on Monday morning. November 6, and the time there is UTC plus 2 hours and they switched from from Daylight Savings Time to Standard time on September 30. We in Florida are now at UTC-5 hours and will switch to UTC -4 hours on Sunday night.  So, it sounds like we are supposed to turn our clocks back an hour Sunday night, and then turn them forward 6 hours during the day on Monday. Or, we could risk being an hour ahead of schedule all day Sunday and set our clocks ahead 7 hours on Monday.

If everyone would follow my proposal, and have the same time everywhere throughout the world. life would be simpler. A step in the right direction would be to do away with Standard Time, and just do Daylight Saving Time year round.

Update on Bill Van Beek

Leslie Pascal sent an E-mail today reporting on her fathers recent health problems.

Hi all

Bill Van BeekMom and Dad called. They still do not have internet.  Dad’s x-rays looked good. There does not appear to be any spread of cancer to his bones.

We have decent winds and have had about 24 hours George Nestojko at Elephant Rock State Parkof rain. We in the DC area are expected to have a few more hours of winds and days(?) of rain.  We still have power. So all is good.



George Nestojko hiking at Elephant Rock State Park

Tuesday, October 30

Mafia still in business

MafiosoSo far as I know, the criminal element of the Mafia is not much interested in this part of the country. However, I golf with a group called the Mafia, and have been doing so for all the years I have been coming down to Cape Coral. No one knows why they are called the Mafia, but one suggestion is that they were the "Monday And Friday In the AM", which later got changed to Tuesday and Thursday, also in the AM. It is a men's group, and "Mafia" sounds much more masculine that "Tata".

Anyway, it is good to be back and getting into the old routine. I routinely golf poorly, and that hasn't changed.

Arrangements Proceeding Apace

At a snail's pace, that is.

Dottie and I plan to have a very small, informal wedding, but we would like to have a nice party afterward. With our two families, and a substantial number of good friends in Florida, neither of our houses is likely to be big enough. So, we are investigating the facilities at SnailTarpon Point, where the Marker 92 restaurant is located.

This has been easier said than done, because the lady who handles such arrangements has made herself scarce for the past few days. We went over to Marker 92 yesterday, expecting to find her on duty, and she was off for the day. So, we called first and got her answering machine message that she was with a client, and would call back. Dottie left a message that we would be over to see her around 4:00 or 4:30, and would she please call back. We got no call.

So we went over, and again, she was not there, and wouldn't be for the rest of the day. However, we were able to get Andrew Biondi, the restaurant manager, to show us the rooms that are available. He was very accommodating, and knew the capacity of the rooms, and the restrictions, if any, on serving food at the various distances from the restaurant kitchen. However, he didn't know anything about availability, costs, etc. We will have to wait and talk to Tasha about these things.

Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween.

Not very spooky around here. At least not in the day time. It was a lovely Florida day, with plenty of sunshine, a few poufy clouds, and the temperature in the 70s. Not at all like there is still a weather disaster under way in the north, and effects in the northeast that will be felt for years.

Jack O' LanternHalloween went on as usual down here, which probably means we Carmen Miranda and Samurai Sushi Chefwill see one or two dressed up kids, but not many. There aren't many who live around here, amongst us older folks, and we don't have too many young snow birds at this time of year. However, we will risk our health and lay in a supply of candies in case the kids do come around.

As predicted, we had few callers in the evening. The first two, were, not very surprising, two of Dottie's grandsons, Gavin and Ty;er. In addition, we got the their parents, Jenny (Feather) and Brian Jahn, who were accompanying the kids on their tour. Jenny made a fetching cowgirl, in her ten gallon hat and cowboy boots. The Jahn family came so the kids could pick out treats, and the parents could join us for a glass of wine and a short visit.

The only other serious trick-or-treaters we had came to the door while both Dottie and I were occupied doing something, I don't remember what, so Jenny tended the door for us, with the result that Dottie and I didn't see a single trick-or-treater outside of the two grandchildren. So, it was a very quiet evening.

Of course, I missed seeing any of my grandchildren dressed for the occasion. Susan sent photos of Jimmy and Cali, or Carmen Miranda and the Samurai Sushi Chef, as they prefer to be called.

Fan JacksonDan Jackson Retires from St. Louis Police Force

Dan Jackson (Tom Jackson's brother, and Pat (Hardison) Jackson's brother in law) posted this on the FaceBook web site today:

Today, I retired from the finest police department around (St. Louis County PD), and then I went to Memorial Park Cemetery and piped over the grave of my fallen friend, Sgt. Rick Weinhold, who was ambushed and killed 12 years ago today. I'm drained.

Congratulations, Dan. Are you going to be looking for a Policedom to rule over like your brother Tom?

Thursday, November 1

Car Problems

My car battery was run down when we got here on Friday, and the car wouldn't start. However, this is a familiar situation, and I have a trickle charter which set permanently on my workbench right up against the hood end of the car. So, I plugged it in, and the car started the next morning.

Csr ProblemsI had no problems until yesterday, when the car battery seemed, once again to be run down. It looked like, for some unknown reason, the GPS didn't turn off when the ignition was shut off. This is a built in GPS, so it looked like it might be a computer malfunction of some sort. Once again, I plugged in the trickle charger and this morning the car started just fine. I got up especially early to play golf with the Mafia, to allow time to wake Dottie so she could take me in her car if mine didn't work, but it started fine.

However, after a morning of golf, and lunch at the golf course, my battery was again dead. There were no jumper cables in the trunk of the car, so I put in an SOS telephone call to Dottie to come get me and bring jumper cables. They were in her garage, but it didn't help much. She has a Buick, with the battery installed in an inaccessible place under the back seat. There are instructions for jumping the battery using terminals under the hood, but they didn't seem to work, and we finally gave up trying.

She has her car serviced nearby at Karry's Auto Service, and swears by him, so we stopped in to see what he would recommend. This led to calling her son-in-law Brad Wilkins, who came and jumpered the car with his and with his cables, and we left it at Karry's this evening, while I came home for a dinner of leftover steak, while Dottie went out to have dinner and a card making session with her card ladies.

Carol (Wachdorf) Gill

Carol, Frank Wachodrf's daughter, lives in West Orange, NJ.

She had added some 44 photos of her beautiful back yard, with deer, pheasants and all sorts of wild life, which really conveyed the message that New Jersey is truly the garden state. Carol's back yard

This was her posting today:

Yesterday it was very surreal driving into work. The streets are dark, no stores are open, only a traffic lights working. The power is out everywhere. It's a very quick drive. Today there is a gas station finally open and the cars are wrapped around street blocks so far I can't find the end of the line. There is another line of people with just their gas cans trying to get gas for their generators. People are getting restless and agitated after a week with no power. It is also starting to get chilly at night. I am living with candles, a gas stove and a gas hot water heater so I feel very lucky for what I have.

You have all seen enough of the devastation out there. Here is a photo from Carol's collection a week ago.

Dottie's doctor visitDoctor

Dottie had an appointment this morning with her General Practitioner, to check on a pain she has had in her leg. She thought it might be a side effect of the blood pressure medication, Crestor. she has been taking, or in might, from the symptoms, be sciatica. The doctor wasn't able to tell for sure, and in fact, brought up a third possibility, involving a pinched nerve in her spinal column.

The simplest of the three to treat is a side effect of Crestor, for which the treatment is simply to stop taking it. So, he instructed her to stop altogether for a period of three weeks, while we make the trip to Israel. If the pain goes away, voila!, she is cured, and they will find some other cholesterol medication for her. If not, they will probe more deeply and try to see which of the two conditions is responsible.

Dottie suspected the Crestor all along, and is hoping this is the cause.

Panama Canal Cruise planned

Me and Dottie on CruiseBob Burbee, the Palmetto Pine unofficial Cruise Director, has a cruise in the Caribbean and into, but not all the way through, the Panama Canal picked out. We agreed on a date at lunch time, and will probably leave for the 12 day cruise on January 25. It goes to several places in the Caribbean such as Holland American's Half Moon Cay, Aruba and Curacao, and then to several places we haven't been, such as Cartagena, the Panama Canal, and a couple of Central American ports.

Instead of going all the way through the canal, it will go half way, and then we will take a land excursion to the Pacific Coast side and return.


Janet on Sandy

Diana (Wachdorf) Gilbert added photos to her Facebook Page

Diana Wachdorf Gilbert added photos








Full Day tomorrow.

CalendarDottie has scheduled a full day for us tomorrow, which starts at 9:45 with a meeting with Tasha, the lady who arranges events at the Harbor Village operation in Tarpon Point, where we hope to have a party after our wedding on December 27. Next she has an appointment with a bee removal expert, as she has had a recurrence of bees at her house on the Palmetto Pine Golf Course. She says the old bees were pretty ones. Cute and very bee-like in appearance. The ones which have been sneaking into her house during the summer are black and uglier looking.

Somewhere during the day, I hope to retrieve my car from Kenny's Auto Service, presuming that it just needs a new battery.

Then, at 3:00 PM, we are scheduled to play golf at Palmetto Pine's Nine 'N Dine, with dinner at the club afterward.

Friday, November 2

Wedding plans now moving ahead

This visit went pretty well. Tosha (and this is the correct spelling of her name. She says they made a mistake on Wedding cakeher birth certificate) went over the room availability, and we pretty well settled on the Granville room, which is a nice second floor room just above the hotel reception lobby. Just outside is a lawn area overlooking the Caloosahatchee, where the wedding ceremony can be performed, and we can have a cocktail reception there, if the weather is acceptable. The dinner will be inside, but very close by.

Tosha gave  us a folder with the  dinner choices, which are either a limited selection which requires that we get a menu choice from everyone before the event, or a dual entrée, but everyone get the same thing. We elected to have the combination dinner, but don't have to make the selections right away. The ladies talked about the details like getting a wedding cake, etc. and everything seemed to be working out just fine. We made good progress.

Car back in service

After the meeting with the Hotel lady, we proceeded to Karry's auto, to get my golf shoes, which were left in the trunk of my car, when we took it in for repairs yesterday. It wasn't done when we got there. Instead, they :incolnwere just starting to check it over, but they promised to call when it was done. I got my shoes and we proceeded to Dottie's house, where we put our equipment in her golf cart and went to Palmetto Pine for lunch. Just before we left for lunch, Karry's Auto called to say that the car was done, and it only needed a new battery, as I suspected. However, there were several routine service items which they could take care of if I wanted. I said no, just the battery, as I was planning to trade the car in soon anyway.

After lunch we went to pick up the car. I got quite a sales talk in the direction of it being a very fine car, and only just broken in with less than 30,000 miles on it, even though it is a 2004 Lincoln. I could not buy a new car that would give as fine a ride, or have as much room in it. I should keep it rather than get one of the newer, smaller cars.

Malicious Bees bug Dottie

 Dottie's son in law, Brad, has been living in Dottie's house during the summer, so it is in pretty good condition inside, except for the infestation of bees which has  Dottie upset. Her plan was to have the man who did her previous bee removal come over and capture the bees and remove them, but she has not been able to contact him. Also, she says, her previous bees were very nice, cute, bee-like bees wDottie's Househo just made honey and did no harm. The present infestation consists of black, more menacing looking bees. They are honey bees, she says, but they have been plastering both honey and wax on her windows and walls. She doesn't know how they have found their way inside of the house, but they are a nuisance.

Her regular exterminator says they can do bees for an extra charge. However, they do not round them up and move them to a new location. Instead they treat them like any other household pest and kill them. Dottie is ready to do in the black evil bees.

Also, Dottie was amazed by the over-the -summer growth of all of the many plants surrounding her house. She is used to being in the house all summer, and keeping the foliage trimmed back continuously all summer. She was horrified to come back and find that her yard looked more like a jungle than the orderly place she left. She is going to have some days of work with pruning shears, and possibly my chain saw, to get it back to her standards of orderliness. My yard, on the other hand, hardly missed me at all. It is not used to tender loving care.

Dead last in Nine 'N Dine

Dottie tees offDottie and I played in the Palmetto Pine Nine 'N Dine this afternoon, and had dinner at the club afterward.

We played with old friends, Bob and Sylvia Blakely, and we didn't do at all well in the competition. It was a Mickey-Mouse kind of scramble with all sorts of little rules about which clubs you could use and who's  drives counted and who's didn't, but we just didn't play very well. However, it was a beautiful day, and we had a good time. I couldn't help commenting that this was the best (or at least one of the better) of all possible worlds, because in this world golf is just a game. How terrible it would be if it were a life-or-death sort of thing.

But, there was a bright side. Dottie won the prize for the straightest drive of the day. He ball was only inches from the line down the fairway, and it was about twice as far from the tee as the second closest lady.

We ended the day with a good dinner at Palmetto Pine with the niners and diners.

Saturday, November 3

Full day planned

We have lots to do before leaving for Israel day after tomorrow.

Packing, of course, but this is not much of a chore, as we have been told that this is to be a very informal trip, so far as dressing up is concerned, and the men need not bring jackets or ties. The ladies don't have it quite so easy, as shorts are pretty much out in the middle eastern countries, and trousers are frowned upon. but we should both be able to travel light. The temperature in Tel Aviv is about the same as it is here in Cape Coral, although we will go to some hot desert regions, around the Dead Sea and in Jordan, and possibly there will be some fairly cold nights.

Dottie is taking care of wedding announcements and invitations, and her daughter, Jenny will be helping her with these.

 We also have some work to do in getting our houses in order. For me, this is mostly getting all the electronic stuff working properly, and getting a more-or-less permanent desk set up for Dottie where she can do her card work and correspondence.