November 24, 2012


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lots of catching up on events.Two weeks away and it seems like I have been gone for months. Here are some of the events I missed looking up before we left for Israel.


Tuesday, November 20 Paul Christopher Hardison will be 44. I have seen precious little of Paul recently, but he has said by E-mail that he will be coming to Florida for the wedding.

His original plans were to spend the Christmas Holidays in Puerto Rico with Diana's family, and he is trying to do some rescheduling to get here as well.

Mark Wachdorf is Frank Wachdorf's son, and is also having a birthday on November 20.


Fattening trip to the Middle East

 It appears that I gained 0.5 pounds per day on the trip to Israel, probably due to eating bread at Fattenintg up inthe Midddle Eastevery meal, and not paying much attention to carbs. It was made difficult by the fact that their food was often served in pita bread (big pita bread!) and there wasn't any way to eat it without eating the bread.  Also, they had lots and lots of fruit and vegetables, but not much meat and almost no cheeses at all.

I have been rigorous about taking the fat back off since getting back. The little plot above shows my weight history for the past few months. The first big peak is our Riverboat cruise on the Seine. The little peak following it is the trip to North Carolina in September. The last big peak was the 14-day trip to Israel and Jordan.

Travel is broadening, and it is also fattening.

Marriage License Requirements

Wedding bellsChecked on the marriage license requirements, etc. for Lee County. They are pretty straight forward. I printed them out, and also the marriage license form. This has to be taken in in person, three days minimum before the marriage, and is good for 60 days after issuance, not 90 as Dottie thought.


According to the web site, it costs $93.50 for the certificate, and for and extra thirty bucks, they will pronounce you man and wife on the spot.

Monday, November 19

All catching up. Mostly uninteresting stuff, like catching up on unpaid bills, getting records in order, and the like.

Dottie to host Card Ladies, and PEO

Dottie has gotten behind in her obligations to host the groups of ladies she works with. She used to be a full time Florida resident, and now that she is away for half or more of the year, she has to squeeze all of her social obligations into the shorter period of time.

Several of her groups of ladies, including the ones who make greeting cards as an avocation, and the PEO, which is a charitable organization devoted to encouraging higher education for women, meet regularly at the house of one of the members. Dottie has to take her turn.

So, she has scheduled parties at our house for December 6 and December 13, both Thursdays. I will be playing golf on the mornings of these days, which is just as well, as they always have a problem figuring how to keep the men of the house out of the way while the ladies do their thing.

Internet, TV out

Our Internet and TV both quit working suddenly this evening. I believe this is the first outage we have had since I switched the TV to Century Link, and bid a not so fond farewell to Comcast of Florida, who did a really bad job.

I still give Century Link high marks. They were able to restore the service by messing with the innards of my Internet router via remote control. Somehow, this fixed the TV as well.

The only problem I continued to have was with the one big TV in the TV room, and this was because it had to be tuned to a particular channel on the TV set, so as to get all of the cables signals. I didn't remember this, and got it onto a wrong channel. It took a little time to figure this out. Otherwise, everything was working well again within a couple of hours.

Tuesday, November 20

Computer Needed for Dottie

Dottie doesn't have a good working computer at the Edith Esplanade house. As her son in law Brad is still living in her house on the golf course, she needs to have a working computer at the house on Edith Esplanade. Female with Computer Problems


I should order new computers for Dottie and me, and plan to dispose of the old ones like I did a couple of years ago, by giving them to a charitable organization. The HP Touch Screen computers are attractive.


Spent a good deal of time looking at them, and selected one. A HP Envy 23, and went to order it. The Internet told me it was no longer available. I Gave up for the night.

Junk Mail instead of Manufacturing

It seems that the main product made in the USA today is Junk Mail. All those people who used to work in the manufacturing industries have now found employment with charitable organizations (I can't believe how many there are, and how frequently they declare that they have emergency funding needs), right wing political organizations (I can't believe how many there are, and how frequently they declare that they have emergency funding needs), and direct mail advertisers. At least the latter do not try to guilt trip you by telling you that the world, as you know it, will go down the toilet sometime within the next 24 hours if you do not respond immediately.

 My junk mail problem is probably exaggerated because I have given up trying to have all my mail routed to wherever it is I am at the moment, and a lot of it goes to the Barrington Address. Janet faithfully empties the mail box there, and sends me a big, big box of mail every week or so.

The result is that I get junk mail in weekly bursts, rather than a daily dribble of it. So it seems like more to me on the days when it all comes in at once.

Wednesday, November 21

Deedee and Max and Family visit

 Deedee (Feather) Wilkkins and her husband Max and children, Jenny and Joshua, are coming to Cape Coral for Thanksgiving, and apparently, they will be staying at our house with Dottie and me. They were planning to leave at 9:00 AM this morning for the five hour drive.


The called later and said they weren't getting  off until 11:00 AM so they would get here later.


Later yet, they called to say they would be bringing their dog with them, so they would stay at Dottie's house where they were more comfortable with the dog, but would come and have dinner with us this evening.


They came about 7, and we had steaks on the grill, mashed potatoes, and just odds and ends otherwise. The steaks came out pretty good, and we have some good leftovers for lunch tomorrow.



Sears Lady fixes Washer


The service man from Sears turned out to be a lady.  She called just before 5:00 this evening to say she was still on Sanibel Island, and didn't know how long it would take her to get over the bridge and make it to our house.


She seemed to really know her stuff, and ran diagnostics on the washer like it was a computer. It turned out the main electronic control unit had failed, so she replaced it with a new one. She said she was surprised it took so long for it to go.


There was no charge, no paperwork, and I was well pleased with the service, unlike at Barrington.

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving dinner at Denise's. Dottie's job was bringing a roast leg of lamb.


Lamb as petThe lamb turned out to be a two year old lamb named Charlie, who was a pet of one of Deedee's neighbors in Gainesville. Seems the pet lamb was on his way to becoming a ram, and was getting rambunctious. To make sure the neighbors children weren't hurt by the increasingly belligerent pet, they decided to eat him. (Copy editor's note: award to Dad for worst Thanksgiving story EVER).


Dottie wanted to know how old a lamb could get before it was considered mutton, and not so good to eat. I told her I was sure it was the equivalent of thirteen years old in sheep years, but I didn't know the conversion factor. Anyway, she cooked it with some misgivings, but it turned out to be a very good leg of lamb. Apparently the male hormones hadn't had time to do any damage.Leg of Lamb


We did a complex card shuffle because Dottie didn't find a meat thermometer built into our oven, so she took the lamb to her house to cook. Then I had to go to her house to get her, and we went to Denise's in Dottie's car. Afterward, she had to drive me back to her house to get my car, and bring both of them back to Edith Esplanade. Except, she forgot she was going back to her house and was halfway to mine before I realized she was leaving my car at her house, so she had to turn around and go back. Then, she missed the turn on Trafalgar, and drove back to Pine Island Road.


The Thanksgiving Dinner at Denise's was very good, and had all of the usual suspects, iCard tricksncluding Deedee and Max and Jenny and Joshua. The Jahns (Dottie's daughter Jenny's husband is Brian Jahn) are down from Minnesota , so we had a full house.


Dottie's ex husband, Wally Feather was there, and he had a couple of new card tricks which were pretty slick. One where he had Dottie and me cut a chosen card into eight pieces and then he restored it. Slight of hand, but very good slight of hand.



We had a good Thanksgiving Dinner, and much to be thankful for.

Friday, November 23

Nine and Dine Splits us up

Dottie and I signed up to play golf at  Palmetto Pine  in the Nine and Dine Event this evening. I usually look forward to getting to play with Dottie, even though she is likely to beat me. However, this time, Dottie and I were split up, and had to play in different foursomes.


I was assigned to play with Walter Heirli and Joyce Elliot.


We had an interesting game. We played as a threesome,  and it was a pretty conventional scramble, and each player was required to have at least one of his or her drives used. Because we were a threesome, we had to take turns hitting two balls on each shot.


Joyce was a moderately good golfer, considering that she had a prosthetic leg. Walter might or might not have been good, but this afternoon he could not hit a decent shot no matter what.


I, on the other hand, played much better than I usually do. My drive was the best on 7 of the 8 holes I played with them. My second shots were most often the best, and I made some very good putts. We parred the first four holes, and got bogies on the next four. I had to quit early, in order to meet Dottie and go to Iguana Mia for dinner with Dottie's relatives. However, our score was nowhere near low enough to win any of the prizes.


Dottie and were able to have dinner together and compare notes. Although our team did poorly, we had better handicaps than those on her team, so we beat her by one stroke on the net scores.

Saturday, November 24

Get the newsletter finished!


This was the number one item on my to-do list today, and it took up my whole day failing to accomplish is. Well, I did take a little time off for other chores, but I did really try. And fail.


I worked all morning at trying to get the editing of the Head in the Sandnewsletter sorted out, and simply cannot get either Front Page or Share Point designer to work. I thought I had it fixed by removing lots of spaces (thousands) from the home page, but did not get it to work.


Tried getting onto (which is the editing control panel furnished by Webmasters, my web site hosting company), and editing there, but didn't get very far with it.


It seemed like everything I did set me back two steps for every one forward, and at the end of the day I had succeeded only in managing to completely lose all of the pages I had been working on, and all the ability to change anything further, no matter what I tried. So, I did what I usually do when faced with an insolvable problem. I left it for a different day. If the US Congress can get away with doing this, so can I!


Scheduling other people


While I was spending almost all my time on the newsletter problem, I did take enough time off to schedule some help with the household chores. Ilooked up the electric company that fixed the electric power to the dock the last time it went out. Then I called Acra Electric about electricity for the dock .

It was Acra's emergency service person who answered, and I did not want this treated as an emergency, so she will leave a message for them to call me back on Monday morning.


I looked up a handy man and see about getting:

  1. Back door stoop fixed
  1. Ramps removed from
    1. Garage
    2. Patio
  1. Replace the broken dimmer switch in the kitchen
  1. Replace the swimming pool light
  2. Cut down the dead tree in the Lanai


I decided  to hire a straight-up handy man for the jobs I have, and contacted one located nearby from the phone book. It turns out he has moved to the other side of town, but he still seemed like a reasonable bet.