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Sorry about that

Katherine Riley Zarembski

Diana and Bob Hart Anniversary

Cecilia Wachdorf Birthday

Correction concerning Josh's Prom




Sunday, May 17, 2009     Dolores report

                                          Saturday evening happenings

                                          Josh and Taylor Reigh!

                                          Computer running well  

                                          Changing of the Guard

                                          Pat Arrives, Susan doesn't

Monday, 5/18                    Dolores report

                                          Gift doesn't make it but Ingrid does

                                           Janet's virus

                                           John and Bill visit

                                           Susan has sick family

Tuesday, 5/19                   Dolores Report

                                           Bill and Paul visit

                                           Lisa Sexton on TV

Wednesday, 5/20              Dolores Passes Away

                                           Dolores' photos, collected by Jan



Thursday,5/219                Busy day

                                           Strang Making Arrangements


                                            An Evening Out

Friday,5/22                        Golfing


Saturday, 5/23                  Sorry about that

                                            Dolores' things

                                            Jimmy's Garlic cookies                      

                                            Tom, Pat and Family Safely back in MO

                                            A day without visitors

                                            Jim news