December 8 Revised


Sunday, December 2, 2012


Bill Brown's Birthday

Bill Brown and Barbara


Bill Brown, husband of Barbara (Wachdorf) Brown, is having a birthday on Thursday, December 6. Bill is a Dentist, and he and Barbara live in Arthur, Illinois.

Happy Birthday, Bill!



Dottie Catching Cold/Flu Shot/Allergy

Dottie, pre cold

Dottie is showing some cold symptoms, which include stuffienss, feeling run down, and coughing a fair amount. She insists she is probably suffering from the side effects of the flu shot she got last Monday afternoon.

Alternatively, she thinks it may be an allergy or a mild sinus infection.

In short, anything but a cold. She doesn't have time to come down with a cold. She is trying to get our house ready for Christmas, and hoping to do so before she has to entertain 12 of her Card Ladies on this coming Thursday, December 6, and 24 or so of her PEO ladies a week from Thursday, December 13.

The big Palmetto Christmas dance is Saturday, December 15, and people are coming down for a Christmas visit starting on December 24. Christmas on the 25 and 26, and, of course, getting married and having a big party on December 27. New Year's Eve party on December 31.

No time for colds in there.

Monday, December 3

Christmas TreeDottie isn't feeling much better this morning, and it looks more and more like a cold. Not a really, really bad one, but bad enough to make her feel bad.

I asked if there was anything I could do to make her feel better, and she brightened slightly and said I could get a Christmas Tree. She had been planning for us to do than jointly tomorrow afternoon, and she was not looking forward to it.

Although it still seems three weeks early to me, I dutifully went out this morning, and bought, not only a tree, but a stand, lights, ornaments, garlands, tinsel, and a star for the top. We never had a Christmas tree at Edth Esplanade before, because Dolores didn't think it would look right here with no snow or cold weather.

Not only did I buy one, I brought it home and put it up (with a little help from Maritza), and Dottie and I trimmed it this afternoon.

Tuesday, December 5

Dottie's Flu Symptoms 

Dottie's cold/flu has progressed from bad to worse, but I haven't contracted any symptoms yet. She is beginning to think she may have a mild case of the flu, as a result of having a flu shot last week. She Sickieaid the nurse who administered it was a little bit iffy about giving them, because a number of people had, she said, gotten flu symptoms afterward. She asked Dottie if she had ever had anything like that happen to her in the past, and Dottie said "No."

Well, she may be changing her mind.

Whatever the cause, her ailment did not come at a good time. She is trying to get the house ready to entertain a dozen of her Card Lady friends for luncheon on Thursday, which is a dress rehearsal for a second luncheon she is hosting for 24 or so of the members of the PEO. This is the organization that promotes college scholarships for women who would not otherwise be able to manage it. Also, she is trying unsuccessfully to buy a new dress for our upcoming wedding (all of the dresses in the stores now are "Christmassy"), and has a to-do list a foot long.

Troubles of my own

I have much less bothersome problems than Dottie, although no one seems to be immune, these days. First, thereSand trap is my golf game.

It has been improving somewhat.  Palmetto pine even reduced my handicap by four strokes, giving me the lowest handicap I have ever hand (but still an embarrassment to be definitive about). I was, once again, beginning to feel like I was getting the hang of it. But, the feeling never seems to last.

This morning was a beautiful day in Southwest Florida, and I golfed better than I usually do, with a few exceptions. One of them had to do with sand traps. I hit my ball into four sand traps in a row on the front nine, and it took me nine strokes to get out of them. 

After all these years of designing golf courses, I would have thought they would have figured out how to make them without sand traps. 

Wednesday, December 5

Eleanor's Seventh Birthday

Birthday cake

What with all that was going on here, I forgot to mention Eleanor's birthday. She was seven on November 16. Seven's a big number!

 She and nine of her closest friends spent a night at Great Wolf Lodge and had a great time. It's a water  park and hotel. Maria says, "I'll try to send you a current photo."

Sorry about the omission, and Happy, Happy birthday, Eleanor.

Dottie recovering

Last night, Dottie went to bed miserable with her flu symptoms, but with Dottie looking good againa positive attitude. She set the alarm clock for 6:15 AM, so she would at least wake up and determine if she felt well enough to play golf and go to the Women's Golf Association Christmas party (Christmas party already? Thanksgiving just got over!)

Much to my surprise, she woke up fairly bright and cheerful this morning, and said she felt much better.  It sounds more and more like a reaction to the flu shot,

I wonder if, as the flu itself did not seem to be contagious, the immunity to the flu can be transmitted from person to person.  

At any rate, it is good to see Dottie smiling again.

TrophyAnd the Winner is...

Dottie's foursome won the first place prize at her golfing match. Dottie did well, despite her recent (until about midnight last night) bout with the flu.

Her team seemed to work together well, and the all had a good time.

Handy person Arrives

I have never been very handy around the house, and my lack of handy-man skills seems to be developing into a full-blown handicap these days. I even have trouble putting odd jobs that involve manual work onto my to-do list (where I would normally put them off, day after day), but I did manage to get an item on last week saying, "see if there isn't a handy-man service available to do the things you have been putting off. I actually got up enough ambition to tick this item off my list, and Robert, the designated handy man, showed up promptly at 8:30 this morning.

He is indeed, handy. I gave him my list, and he had at it. I feel like a man with an oil well in his back yard, pumping oil out of the ground and making him money even while he sleeps. While I sit here at the computer keyboard, exercising my typing fingers, things are getting done that I have put off for months. 

One of the things involves trying to reclaim half of my two car garage, so we can park two cars in it. Another is getting some electrical repairs made that I am quite capable or doing myself, in theory.

The garage reclamation worked pretty well. My two car garage was built for two 1970s automobiles, and they mush have been skinnier cars then than they are now. Dottie's car goes in alright, but we need to be pretty careful with parking both of them. Perhaps if we greased the sides a little it would help.

Thursday, December 6

Mixed Day for Dottie

It was the best of days and the worst of days for Dottie. She woke up this morning with a renewed set of cold symptoms. It seems that the bug is now attacking her throat and vocal cords, so while she felt somewhat better, her voice was almost gone, and she still had a little fever.

On the other hand, she had a big day planned, Bunco partywith twelve of her old friends who loosely identify themselves as "the Bunco group", who have been meeting regularly for Bunco and luncheon at various ladies' houses. Today was Dottie's turn, and she has been getting ready for it for days. She was torn between calling and cancelling. However the thought of putting off her turn into an already too-crowded future was too much for her. She said she was well enough to go through with her party.

She laid out a very pretty spread for the ladies for lunch, and she had our house in a very neat, organized condition. I know her party went well, because when I returned from golfing and having lunch at Palmetto Pine, there were nine cars in our driveway (I had no idea that many would fit), and the dining room was filled with ladies, all apparently having a good time and enjoying their luncheon.

I recall joking with my daughter Pat, who used to host Bunco parties (and maybe still does) while her husband was in charge of the St. Louis County Vice Squad. I remembered when they used to be called the Bunco Squad, because it was illegal for the ladies to gamble in their homes. 

I was able to escape into the den, after a brief introduction to the ladies.

Dottie was tired, after then went away, and took a nap.

Yoga By Degrees is progressing

Yoga by Degrees 2 is progressing


John Hardison is busy these days, operating two Hot Yoga studios in the Chicago Suburbs. Dottie's daughter Denise is still waiting for John to branch out Lotus position plusand open a site in Cape Coral. She says she would be delighted to apply for the manager's job.

John  seems to be doing well with Yoga by Degrees. The second location is doing a good business, despite the unseasonably warm temperatures in the Chicago suburbs.

HYoga by Degreese has a whole series of pictures on his YogabyDegrees website, including one which really impressed me. The gal posing in the lotus position, except, as you can notice, she is balanced on one foot! If I were 20 years younger, I might want to go in and learn how to do that.

Make that 50 years younger!

On second thought, I already did go to Yoga by Degrees, with Dottie, when the first location was first opened. We got ourselves completely equipped with the costume and a mat, and took the first, introductory session, at the lowest possible temperature.

We survived, and I learned that what little sense of balance I was born with is gone.  

 Friday, December 7

Nine and Dine cancelled

Dottie and I were scheduled to play golf this afternoon in the Nine and Dine at Palmetto Pine.

However, she woke up with practically no voice at all, and congestion in her throat and chest. If this is a flu shot reaction, it is mimicking the common, and always miserable cold. 

So, I dutifully called the Pro Shop and canceled our game for this afternoon. She is in no condition to be playing golf and mingling with people who are as yet uninfected.

The remarkable thing is that I have not caught the cold, in spite of repeated attempts to share the bug with her.

Travelogue Finished!

The trip to Israel Dottie and I took between November 4 and November 17 was the fastest paced, most filled with things to see of any of the trips we have been on. In addition to the many interesting and beautiful topographic features including the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea The Treasury - First building you see at entrance to Petra Siteand the Sea of Galilee, the Southern Desert and the fertile valleys, there were so many historical sites that the trip would have been crowded with things to see if it had lasted for six weeks instead of two.

Anyway, we hit most of the major historical sites, most of which were connected with the begining of the Christian Era, but a number of Partial view of the Dining Hallwhich also pertain to ancient Jewish and Moslem history.

The traveling Dottie and I have done in the past two years have seemed like one long and detailed course in history. I used to think history was a waste of time, but I am more impressed by how much there is to learn from the people who went before us than I imagined. In particular, one cannot help but conclude that, whatever motivated the old timers, they often built things more carefully, more beautifully, and certainly more long lasting than the structures we put up today.

In Israel, I was especially impressed with what a monumental job the Israelis have done in excavating and preserving the historical sites, Jewish, Moslem and Christian, and how well they administer them.  

Some of the descriptive material on the trip, along with a scant sampling of the many pictures we took are included on the web pages for

Week of November 10, 2012, and

Week of November 17, 2012

Saturday, December 8

Dottie improving

Dottie seemed to be on the mend this morning, and had most of her voice back.Sickie

However, she still had a bit of a fever and a cough, and she didn't feel really well in the afternoon, so she went back to the clinic where she got the flu shot last week. There she was diagnosed as having the flu, and apparently it was the result of being given the flu shot with "live virus" in it two weeks ago. Apparently there have been lots of people coming in with the same symptoms, at about the same length of time after getting the shots. Doesn't sound like a very effective preventive measure to me. 

But, the supposedly weakened strain of the flu virus she got was not strong enough to be very contagious, as I didn't get the flu. At least not yet.

Ill Wind blows someone some good

Being under the weather yesterday, and cancelling our Nine and Dine appointment probably did Dottie some good. It certainly did me some good, as I was able to catch up on all sorts of things, having, as it were, an extra five hours added to the day. That is, to the non-golfing day.

I still have lots to do, and not enough time to do it, but not quite as much as would have been the case otherwise.Newsleter as it was

For example, I had the newsletter for this week just about up to date, and probably omitted only half of the important things that went on during the week, instead of three quarters of them. However, I still had not recovered the formatting of the newsletter, although I think all of the text of the old issues of the newsletter are sill out there.

But, as I was thinking I had the problem licked, the Microsoft Share Point Editor went back to exactly the same symptoms it started showing two weeks ago. That is, it would not let me save changes to the newsletter. Instead it would give me various messages with no real meaning to me like, "The server is not available," or, "Cannot close the file december_8,_2012.temp", or simply hang up and refuse to do anything.

I gave it up for a bad job, and sent out the notification E-mail with the last couple of paragraphs left unedited.