Week of December 15

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dottie update

Get your flu shotDottie was looking a bit better this morning, but no well enough to go to church, or our for our usual Sunday brunch at Palmetto Pine.  She was warned yesterday that it usually takes two weeks for this form of self induced flu to work its way out of one's system. That will put it toward the middle of the coming week.

Dottie has 24 ladies from her PEO group coming to lunch at the house on Thursday, so I hope she is up to managing them by then.



Next Cruise scheduled

Bob Burbee has been planning a cruise for a group from Palmetto Pine for several months now, and the route and destination have changed several times. Not Bob's fault, but he is trying to accomodate the desires of several people in the group, and there has been someone to find fault with each of his previous plans.

First he wanted to go through the Panama Canal, and end the cruise in Santa Barbara. We would fly home from there. Sounded good to me, but there were objections to the time and expense, and apparently there is some hazard to going through the canal these days.S.S. Westerdam

So, it degenerated into a cruise into the Panama Canal and half way through, at which point we would take a bus tour to the Pacific side of the isthmus, and then back to the ship, and return via several Caribbean ports. That also was too long a cruise for some.

So, now we are down to a sort of run of the mill Eastern Caribbean cruise, going to places we have been already, including the Turks and Caicos, St. Martens, and San Juan. This will be only seven days.  We will leave from Ft. Lauderdale on February 3 and return on Febuary 9. Bob called yesterday late afternoon to say that this was the last day to sign up and still get their best rates, so I had to call the travel agent and commit to going right away. I did. Dottie and I have never been the objectors on any of these trips.

The ship will be the SS Westerdam, which is a nice ship that Dottie and I have both been on before. There is really no objection to going to some of these places a second time. It would be like turning down an invitation to a party on the grounds that you had already been to a party, and wanted to do something different now. We will have a good time, and neither of us will gain as much weight on a short trip as we would on a longer one.

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