December 1, 2012


December 1, 2012

Sunday, November 25

Leslie and bob Pascal Anniversary

The only anniversary this week is that of Leslie (used to be Leslie Claire Van Beek)  and Bob Pascal. Happy Anniversary

Later in the week we have some birthdays:


        Larry Creighton, sr. November 28

        Matthew Bennison and Peter Nestojko , November 29

        Tom Jackson on November 30

        Briana Summer Fasullo, December 1

Time for Christmas Trees Already?

Just when I was beginning to get used to being home and not having to get up at 6:00 AM to meet the tour bus in the lobby, Denise Woodham, Dottie's daughter, reminded me that the Christmas season has set in already.

Sophie asleep under the tree

 My family, or rather, my father's family, of which I was a part for a long time, always went shopping for Christmas Trees on Christmas Eve. We would bring the tree home early in the evening, and spend Christmas Eve trimming it, so it would be there Christmas morning.

My family was a little less particular about the date of procurement, and I usually went out and selected a tree a week or so ahead of time. Usually it was too big for the space, and, to my way of thinking, way too early.

Dottie is talking about getting a tree already. Fortunately, she has a ton of other things on her mind, so I have a few days grace. However, we both know who will pick the date for shopping.

Frustration with Newsletter

Here is a clip from my personal notes for the day. This used to be a to-do list, but I got behind, and it is mostly a to-have-done list that tabulates what it was that I would like to have done, had I had the time to actually do any of it.


Dr. D. I remember him as a much younger man."I wasted most of the day on the newsletter web site. The editors simply don't work any more. I always get a message that the server isn't available or the web site has timed out.


Call Webmasters and find out what is the matter."


That is a quote from my daily notes on Sunday morning. Webmasters, which is the "host" for my newsletter, and has been for more than 10 years, is usually quite helpful, but they weren't this time. They have a relatively complex system of answering questions, which involves "opening a work ticket" on their web site, where you can explain your problem. Then they reply by E-maiil (or, I suppose, you can also see their answer by getting onto their website again.) however, instead of telling me why my website was no longer accessible to my editing program, they asked a number of questions which didn't seem to have anything to do with the problem.


I wound up, as indicated, frustrated with several weeks worth of stuff to put on a website which was simply not responding at all.


However, Dr, Wayne Dyer told me years ago that I should not fret about things I couldn't do anything about, and should go do the things that I can do. Dr. Dyer, I hear and obey!

Monday, November 26

Dottie gets Windows 8

I have been trying to get Dottie set up with a computer so she can get her E-mail and manage her finances and the like, and, in general, it has not been going well. We brought her old computer from her house, figuring it Dell with Windows 8would work just like she was used to. But this was not the case. It was so old that it would only connect to the Internet using a router cable. It was a pre-WiFi machine. We don't have an Ethernet cable long enough to reach the desk in the laundry room.

Before we left for Israel, I looked on the Internet at getting her a new computer, but was frustrated because the one I liked the best, which was a HP all-in-one touch screen with just the right assortment of features, was out of stock at Best Buy, at HPs Web Store, and everywhere else I looked.

So, today I got back on line, and things hadn't changed much. It seemed time to look for an alternative, and I just about settled on a Toshiba which seemed to be pretty close to what I was looking for, and which Best Buy had in stock. I thought it would be better to go in and look at it than to order it over the Internet, so while Dottie golfed in the morning, I went to Best Buy in Ft. Myers and looked at computers. Happy with computer

Much to my surprise, when I compared the Toshiba I had picked out with the other models available, I liked the appearance and feel of a Dell better. So I took home a Dell. I had a little trepidation about going for Windows 8, because it looks very different from Windows 7, and even more different from Windows XP, which is what Dottie has on her old, old computer.

Setting the all-in-ones up is a joy. It is a little like starting up an iPod or an iPad, where there is only one button to push, and it tells you what to do after you push it. The All in ones have only one connection to make; the electric plug in the wall. You do have to put the batteries into the remote mouse and keyboard, but then you re done. You push the "On" button, and the computer lights up and tells you what to do next.

Because there was no Wi-Fi connection to Dottie's old computer, I had to use a memory stick to transfer her data from her old computer to the new one, but the program Dell supplied for this purpose worked flawlessly.

Dottie likes it, and so do I. I need to get me one of those.

Tuesday, November 27

License to be married

Lee County Marriage LicenseAfter golfing with the Mafia this morning, Dottie drove over to Palmetto Pine to meet me so we could go to the Lee County Clerk's office to get our marriage license. This turned out to be a more complex procedure than we thought it would be.

The Lee County Office Building in Cape Coral is toward the north end of town, not very far from the golf course. We sent there and found the Office of the County Clerk, which turns out to be on the second floor, and were directed to a waiting area where we were to take a number from a machine just like the ones in some grocery stores at the Deli counter. We were told to sit in the waiting area, where we were the only people waiting.

There was an armed policeman in attendance, and there were two clerks who were busy with something on their computer. After a short wait, it occurred to me to ask if we were in the right place for getting a marriage license. The short answer was, "No." It turns out it used to be the right place, but the Cape Coral branch office does not issue marriage certificates any more. Only the head office of the County Clerk in Ft. Myers does so now.

So, we went across the river, to the address the officer gave us, where it turned out that parking was nearly impossible, because all of the parking spaces were reserved for the County employees who work in the two Lee County Administrative Office buildings. We went to the wrong building, where there wasn't even a building directory. So, we went to the right one, and our troubles were over. Lee County is just as easy going on marriage as they are with home owner's certificates. We didn't have to produce any of our documentation that we were both of legal age, free of previous marriages, etc., etc. Instead, just show our driver's licenses and pay the $93.50. So, we are now legally eligible to be married within the next 60 days.

For another $30, they would do the job right there for us.

Long lost Credit Card found

Dottie and I went to dinner at the Siam Hut on Del Prado Blvd. this evening, which would not be remarkable enough to mention, were it not for the fact that the waitress, after taking our order, came back to the table and asked if we might have, possibly, left a credit card by mistake several weeks ago.ML Visa card

This was my long lost Merrill Lynch Visa card, which disappeared just before we left for Israel three weeks ago. I was amazed, as I was sure I had called the  Siam Hut to ask if they had my card the day before we flew out, and was told no, they didn't have it. I put the card on hold for the duration of the trip, and when we got back called Merrill Lynch to get a duplicate sent me, as it didn't appear there was anyone using it illegally.

Siam HutIt turns out that I missed the card first on Saturday night, November 3, and on Sunday morning, called the last several places at which I could recall having used the card, to see if I had left it there. No positive result. But, the Siam Hut is closed on Sunday. So, I made a note to call them on Monday morning. As we were to leave our house at 7:00 AM to go to the church parking lot for pickup and transport to the airport, I made a note to call from the airport.

And, according to the phone records, I did call them and talked to someone for one minute. My recollection is that it was a man who did not speak English well, but he looked to see if they had a lost credit card and said no. The waitress with the remarkable memory, said that she was always there, and always answered the telephone, and no one called about the card. But she remembered who we were, and gave my credit card back.

Wednesday, November 28

Dottie golfingDottie Golfs poorly

....while I waste time on the computer.

Dottie and I had a busy day, starting with her playing golf with the Women's golf association in the morning. It was cold and windy early on, and she did not golf very well.


I busied myself with mundane chores, including putting some more endless, and fruitless hours in on the computer trying to get the newsletter working, which seemed to be completely wasted time.


Electrician Comes to fix Boat Dock


I called Acra Electric a few days ago about sending someone out to fix the electrical wiring to the boat dock. The last tropical storm that came by did it in again, and it has not been possible for me to put the boat in the water because the electric boat lift won't lift the boat without electricity. It is possible to lower it down, very slowly, but turning the pulleys by hand, but there is no way to get it back up once it is in the water.


The electrician came today, and said that it appears that every time there is a storm, the splice in the wires which is right by the sea wall gets shorted out, and burns itself out before the circuit breaker can interrupt the power supply. He could put it back together again, and it would hold until the next big storm, or he could have someone come out and give me a quote on running a new continuous wire from the junction box to the dock, bypassing the trouble splice. I opted for the latter, so he will get back to me.

Dinner Dance in the Evening

TDottie and Me dancinghe day wasn't all bad, however. The first Palmetto Pine Dinner-Dance was this evening. Our friend Daryl Balrud provided the music and sang.

Dottie and I were both a little leery about dancing, as she has had some muscular pain in her leg, and I have had some increasing knee problems (suggesting that I either need to increase my honey and cinnamon dosage or go see the Orthopod again). However, Daryl did some good slow numbers, and we managed just fine.

It was an enjoyable evening, and helped make up for an unproductive day.

Thursday, November 29

Things are looking up

I started the day off well by golfing much better Things are looking up!than I usually do with the Mafia at Palmetto Pine. The only fly in the ointment is that the Pro Shop has taken four full strokes off of my handicap. I need all the unfair advantages I can get, and I really miss those strokes.

In spite of the handicap problem, I managed to golf better than I usually do, and wound up with what was for me a very decent score, in spite of the fact that I couldn't putt for beans. I think I putted every hole but two. I got four putts on one, but only two putts on the last hole, which I parred.

Charlie helps with the wedding plans

Charlie, the club manager is the most knowledgeable man around about parties, so I stopped in to see him after golfing. Charlie is a good guy, and is anxious to be helpful. He recommended a list of four of the people he has hired to provide music for dances at the club, and whom he thinks would be suitable for our affair at the Marina Village Resort on November 27.

Also, he can help with any catering we need for our family get together on the day after Christmas, but we haven't decided yet quite what we want to do for that. Time is slipping away, though, and we have to get on this pretty soon.

Friday, November 30

Tom Jackson's Birthday

An even younger Tom JacksonToday is Tom Jackson's Birthday. It has been so long since I had the newsletter editor working that I didn't remember how to access birthday information. So, I apologize, Tom, for not calling to say Happy Birthday.

Tom is still a young guy, in my book. He should be somewhere along about 56, which, is I recall, was just late in youth. Your view point shifts with time, Tom, and you will probably look back on this time of your life in 30 or 40 years, and recall that you used to be able to do things like jump, remember your mother's maiden name, and not have trouble tying your shoes. Enjoy your youth!

Happy Birthday, Tom.

Electricity Restored to the Boat Dock

Ever since the last major storm, the electric power has been out to the boat dock. Today the electrician called Grady White has Powerwith a price for running a new set of wires, bypassing the troublesome splice, and said they could get to it within the next few days.

A few hours later, someone went by my den window, toward the boat dock, but I thought it was the man who cuts the grass, and usually comes on Thursdays. However, it turned out to be the electricians.

Power is restored to the dock! But, that means I have to add several more items to my to-do list. I have to check the boat out, get gas from the marina, see if the instruments still work, etc., etc.

Success of sorts

After a full week of frustration with the newsletter site, I finally regained some control of it this morning. However, all was not sweetness and light. Apparently, the last action I took last night worked, after a fashion. When I uninstalled the Front Page Developer tools from the web site, it left all of the text and pictures on the web site, but entirely without formatting or organizational structure.

Newsletter the way it wasSo, I now have the ability to edit individual pages, but I have completely forgotten how I managed the format of the pages, and there is no structure to the web site at all. So, when I load it, the home page comes up, and nothing else. However, the individual pages are still there, and I can find them and attach them to the home page, and make changes in them.

The individual pages have no formatting, so I am going to have to relearn how to format them. In the mean time, though, I can add the news --- it isn't news and more, it is history --- to the individual pages, and put links to the pages so you can read the stuff. If I have time in the next few weeks, I will try to relearn how to structure them.

Sorry about all that.

Washing Machine re-repaired

The very nice, very competent lady who came out from Sears to fix our washing machine did a good job. She rSears Washereplaced the central control unit, and checked to make sure the machine went through all of the steps in the complex cycle flawlessly. I thought she did an excellent job.

However, the machine still didn't work right. The repair lady didn't actually wash a load of clothes, and when we tried to do so, the spin cycle worked but the drum did not go anywhere near fast enough to get the water out of the clothes, so they were still sopping wet when it was done with them. They had to be rung out by hand before they could be dried.

This afternoon repairman No. 2 came from Sears. He was a Colombian, who, surprisingly enough, did not know Maritza, the nice Columbian lady who does house cleaning for us. I though Maritza knew every one of the hundreds of Columbians who live in the Cape Coral area. Anyway, he fixed the remaining problem, just in the knick of time, so Dottie and I could go to....

First Scottish Open Dinner.

Bill Gray, one of the people I golf with regularly in the Mafia, is an immigrant from Canada. But, he says, he only left his native Scotland because they became too socialistic and tried to take everything he earned by excess taxation. So, he emigrated to Canada, where he lived happily until they became too socialistic and tried to take everything he earned by excess taxation. He is now an American citizen, but he will never abandon his Scottish brogue, and his love for his native, pre-socialistic, country.Scottsman golfing

So, Bill organized what will probably be the first annual Scottish Golf tournament, which was held today. Dottie had a doctor's appointment and we couldn't sign up to play, but we did go to the dinner after ward. Bill assured us that they would not be serving Haggis. Not, he said, because it wasn't a delicious Scottish National Dish, but because it was far, far too expensive.

It was a gala affair, and we had a good time at the dinner. The menu included Cokaleekee Soup, Scottish meat loaf (which has vegetables in it), planked salmon, and a Scottish Trifle for desert.

We were given a large dose of Scottish history, and I learned things. For example, St. Andrew was the very first disciple of Jesus, and introduced him to Peter. It was Andrew who brought the five loaves and three fishes to the sermon at Capernaum. I thought, after the tour of Israel, that St. Peter was the first disciple. Andrew wasn't even mentioned. I asked Bill what Andrew got so little press. He says it apparently related to the fact that, while the other disciples were traveling to foreign countries spreading the gospel and writing their books of the bible, Andrew went to Scotland and played golf. Anyway, he is their Patron Saint, and he was content to let Peter get the publicity.

Saturday, December 1

Work cut out

I have my work cut out for me today. I am going to try to catch up on the recent newsletters, and then go back and fill in a n account of the trip to Israel and Jordan that Dottie and I took between November 5 and November 17. We took a ton of pictures, and lots of water has flowed over the dam since we got back. I won't remember it all.

Wedding Dress Day

Dottie wanted to have the simplest possible wedding ceremony, followed by a good party. Alas, things get out of control, and the ceremony part is getting elaborated somewhat. At least to the point where she feels she has to have a new dress to wear. Not the long white variety with a veil and all, but a new, nice dress.

She and daughter Jenny are going dress shopping this afternoon. I am anxious to find out what she buys, although I think I am not allowed to see it yet. If it is too spiffy, I may have to buy a new suit to wear. I haven't bought a new suit in so long I don't remember the procedure.

Ollie going to Puppy SchoolOllie going to Puppy School

Mike and Lisa Sexton posted on Facebook that Ollie, their new puppy, is going to puppy school.  Mike, is this a state sponsored school, paid for out of State Lottery income?

Vote with your Wallet!

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Too many of you already did.  The benefits of Obamacare will take care of this in a few years.